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int18 is an AI-powered employment marketplace for technical workers. At its heart is a recommendation engine that matches candidates to employers.

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Humans, Matched By Machine Learning

At the heart of int18 is a powerful recommendation engine that matches organizations and candidates. We call it 3D Matching – based on job skills, soft skills and cultural values. This ensures that you’re only being introduced to employers where you’d be a good fit, and for positions where you’ll kick butt.

A Dashboard For Your Career

Is that company still considering you, or have they passed? If they did pass, why? How many applications do you have out anyway?

The int18 Candidate Dashboard keeps it all organized. Your entire job search at your fingertips. Get a sense of what’s happening in one quick glance, or even automate job applications if you want.

Hiring? We Cut Through The Chaff

For employers, int18 connects you with candidates who meet your job skills and soft skill requirements, and who are also good cultural fits for your organization.

You’ll spend less time screening candidates, trying to find suitable people, and more time focussing on hiring from the best.

Automate Your Career, So You Can Get Back To Work.

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